The Importance of Routine

The Importance of Routine

Fix Your Routine

Little things, performed consistently can have massive effects over time. Making certain habits a part of your routine, such as developing a physical practice such as yoga or weight lifting and improving the quality of foods in your diet can be two of the most important positive habits you can cultivate. Recently, my routine was adjusted because I was craving more home time this rainy SoCal winter. A little adjustment to my usual routine of go-go-go was what I needed.

With an unmanaged routine, I feel too busy and it totally stresses me out. To fix my routine, I started saying “no” to nights out and “yes” to early bedtimes. I took a few days off without scheduling any work or chores. myself some breathing room, I have reduced the drama in my life and have regained a lot of my positive attitude and spark.

Routine as A Series of Choices

In the past I have fallen into routines of poor choices. Not making self-care or sleep a priority, undercharging for my work or undervaluing my skills. Eating too much sugar or junk food or neglecting my workouts. It has yet to be the end of the world. To get back on track I revisit my goals and begin to re-introduce some of the positive habits that I know make me feel my best back into my routine. It’s not always easy but being honest about how i’m currently administering to my life is usually what it takes to keep me on track. What becomes part of your routine will have a great impact on what goals you can accomplish. Little consistent steps lead to powerful positive change and I know from personal experience. Deliberately creating a routine that includes lots of opportunities to make positive choices has made all the difference for me when it comes to having goals and having wins. I want to hear about your routines and how they have helped you to reach your goals.


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