Celebrate Your Wins

Celebrate Your Wins

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The meeting of our daily needs must be handled. Admin is all about administering to the adult tasks of life, in an organized, deliberate and professional way. Tracking gratitude, goals and wins is an important tool in my personal admin, along with celebrating and acknowledging my wins.

The Admin Story

I use a system of journaling that I learned in an “admin group” at the Beverly Hills Playhouse (BHP). Admin groups are small groups of people that weekly meet outside of acting class. Group members hold each other accountable to their goals. The journaling method I still use, was introduced to many students at the BHP by the amazingly funny and talented comedienne, storyteller and actress, Suzanne Whang.


Each page in my admin journal looks roughly the same. I keep one dedicated journal just for admin.

Each page represents one admin session. At the top I write the date and then begin my admin by listing my gratitude. Gratitude is one specific thing I am grateful for in that moment.

After I have acknowledged my gratitude, I write a bullet point list of just five wins. If you are kicking butt you may have more than five wins, yet try to identify the top ones. If things are a little slow lately, get more creative and identify what I like to think of as micro-wins.Micro-wins can be the smallest thing, examples like “i took a shower” and “apologized to …..” and are nothing to be ashamed of. Find five, even if you have to dig.

After wins, compile a list of just five very specific, time sensitive or scheduled goals. This is not the place for a giant master to-do list of every little thing you need to do for the next six months. Five specific goals. With proper administration, goals are broken down into bite sized, one line chunks.

Goals you accomplish become the Wins for your next admin session. Celebrating wins can be as simple as writing them down as one of your five wins as acknowledgment. Or celebrations can become goals.

For example:

win: finally got my car fixed.

goal: celebrate getting car fixed by getting a car wash.

More Goals & Wins

By setting goals and tracking progress, positive change becomes real. Over time, there will be leaps of progress and giant spurts of growth, change and improvement.

Documenting Progress

Re-reading my admin journals is incredibly inspiring. Looking back, I get to retroactively root for myself as I plug along through challenges. Some of my wins are huge and when I see them on paper, I get to feel kinda badass. The best wins are ones that as goals, scared the stuffing out of me.

Breaking Down Big Goals

Goals that have taken a lot of time are also especially sweet when the are moved into the wins category. Some of the goals that reappear over and over can be further simplified by being broken down into a smaller group of little micro-wins.

Update website appears as a goal over and over in my admin notebooks. What exactly does that mean, at what stage could I make that a win? Update website was not a good goal.

When I wised up and broke “update website” down, my wins begin to show progress. Things like: updated theme, got shopping cart, designed new headers, organized pictures, all began to move from the goal list to the wins.

When I finally started breaking it down, as you can see, I got down to the specific tasks that are a part of updating my website.

Wins are right on the other side of your goals and by tracking your goals, you can also celebrate all your wins along the way.

My Kind of Party

A good yoga class, sleeping in on purpose, thrifting, going to the library and watching tv during the day under a blanket are some examples of some of my favorite celebrations. Simple things I want to do but that I don’t always let myself indulge in are my favorite types of celebrations. One of my favorite ways to celebrate is a “fancy” bath: candles, epsom salts, my ultra-granola blend of essential oils: lavender, patchouli (not sorry) and tea tree, cucumber-lemon water, salt scrub and a face mask.

Sometimes It’s Enough Just to Write It Down

Not every little win is going to need a specific celebration. Sometimes after I work through my admin journal, I move right on to the next task at hand, as just writing down the win is enough to acknowledge it.

Celebrate Big Wins

The bigger wins, the ones that often had a few lives as different reappearing goals often feel so incredibly good to write down as a win that i get excited and that feeling is how I know it would be right to celebrate this win in a more specific way. Bigger wins often demand more acknowledgment and it is so important to celebrate those wins.

For big wins, I might spring for a treat like a scrub at Wii Korean spa. Looking forward to something special is one of my favorite parts of a celebration. Big goals don’t always need huge giant big celebrations, they can be whatever you most desire in the moment, even if that something is as simple as a good nap.

No matter the size of the win, celebrate by acknowledging yourself for what you have achieved. Celebrate your amazing progress in ways that fuel your creativity, energy and make you feel good.

Don’t Celebrate Wins With Tequila

I try not to celebrate with junk food, alcohol, sugar or expensive purchases. It’s easy to think that eating ice-cream and drinking bourbon sound pretty celebratory to me, but that, I have learned, can lead to a belly full of regret. By saving booze swilling and ice-cream eating for rare other occasions, I celebrate my wins in a more meaningful way.

You are Celebrating Progress

By tracking and recording your goals, you see the progress towards meaningful change. The powers of administration and journaling can improve your eating habits, your finances, relationships, and help build your career. As you write down your wins, you acknowledge what you have achieved. Along the ways, you knock out some big goals and you celebrate all you did to get there.

Specific positive things you can do for yourself, a little treat or experience you have been craving or even my go-to fancy bath are all ideal ways for you to take an extra moment for a simple pleasure. Your celebrations are important to your progress and can help you to overcome challenges and inspire you to reach your bigger goals.

Take a moment to think of a few things you could do to celebrate your next win. Or maybe you can think of something that you recently accomplished that could do with being acknowledged with a meaningful celebration.

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