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What is Backsliding?

Backsliding is when you fall back into an old habit an can occur at anytime when you are attempting to create and maintain positive change. It can take the form of abandoning positive habits or allowing old habits to creep back into your routine. For me, backsliding is often triggered by stress or exhaustion. I will skip a workout or two and find it that much harder to then take all my supplements and way easier to go grab a bottle of riesling. Resistance to positive change will manifest as backsliding, so often it feels more comfortable to revert back to old habits. Especially in the face of serious progress.

How to Stop the Slide

When I feel outta control, I usually start getting back into my routine by adding in some of the most powerful positive actions I can think of. Sometimes, it’s just takes a few good nights of sleep and a fancy bath and I’ll feel right as rain. Other times I make an appointment with my coach therapist if I am having trouble getting back into a sustainable routine.

Usually I find old habits creeping in when I have been neglecting myself and backsliding can be a wonderful wakeup call that it’s time to fix your routine. Identifying stressors, eliminating anxiety triggers (I have to be very careful with caffeine as it can effect my mood) and upping my mealtime game can all help me come out of a backslide.

Taking a look at the admin goals that I have been unable to accomplish is another good way to identify frustrations I may be resisting handling. Remembering that it is ok to ask for help from a trusted love one or better yet, a professional is important to me when I am overwhelmed with resistance and feeling unhinged.

After a Backslide

Once you get back into a positive routine, it may be easy to beat yourself up about the backslide. Not only is that not helpful, it’s stressful and loses the lesson you hopefully learned. Often, I backslide when I set myself unreasonable goals or face a stressful obstacle or setback. With experience, I have been able to learn from some of those situations and am better able to avoid creating situations that have led to backsliding in the past. Now when I realize I’ve been eating like crap or not getting enough sleep, I look below the surface and try to get to the deeper reasons for why my routine went off the rails.

A truly sustainable lifestyle does not demand perfection, there are lessons to be learned in backsliding. The trick is to fix your routine and move on.

The Importance of Routine

The Importance of Routine

Fix Your Routine

Little things, performed consistently can have massive effects over time. Making certain habits a part of your routine, such as developing a physical practice such as yoga or weight lifting and improving the quality of foods in your diet can be two of the most important positive habits you can cultivate. Recently, my routine was adjusted because I was craving more home time this rainy SoCal winter. A little adjustment to my usual routine of go-go-go was what I needed.

With an unmanaged routine, I feel too busy and it totally stresses me out. To fix my routine, I started saying “no” to nights out and “yes” to early bedtimes. I took a few days off without scheduling any work or chores. myself some breathing room, I have reduced the drama in my life and have regained a lot of my positive attitude and spark.

Routine as A Series of Choices

In the past I have fallen into routines of poor choices. Not making self-care or sleep a priority, undercharging for my work or undervaluing my skills. Eating too much sugar or junk food or neglecting my workouts. It has yet to be the end of the world. To get back on track I revisit my goals and begin to re-introduce some of the positive habits that I know make me feel my best back into my routine. It’s not always easy but being honest about how i’m currently administering to my life is usually what it takes to keep me on track. What becomes part of your routine will have a great impact on what goals you can accomplish. Little consistent steps lead to powerful positive change and I know from personal experience. Deliberately creating a routine that includes lots of opportunities to make positive choices has made all the difference for me when it comes to having goals and having wins. I want to hear about your routines and how they have helped you to reach your goals.


About Erin, Traditional Food Health Coaching & Yoga…

About Me

Hi, I’m Erin.


I’m a health coach, soup activist and yoga nut. Passionate about ancestral health, traditional diets and all things food. My personal challenges lie in overcoming resistance to change. What has most benefitted me has been to fill my life with positive habits (more on that ahead) that work synergistically to keep me strong and stable.

Detroit >>> LA

Ten years ago, I packed up my gold Honda Civic and drove across the country. From Detroit to Los Angeles. Dreams of acting in a soap opera or sitcom filled my 23 year old head. Pretty much as soon as I arrived in LA, I was pulled over and my car was towed due to me, unknowingly irresponsibly embarking on my trip with a suspended drivers license. Unceremoniously, my car was searched, towed and I was dropped off at a burger joint on Van Nuys Blvd. Left to figure out how to navigate from the Valley to the hostel I had booked for myself (shout out to Gramercy Place), my introduction to LA was brutal and forced me to get way more organized, fast.


From that very first night, living in Los Angeles has been full of surprises. I’ve done some really, really stupid things in my life and as a human being, I know I am not alone in that. I have also amazed myself with what I have accomplished. Today, I live with my husband, Andrew, in Altadena. Living a very different life than the girl who moved to LA in a cloud of drama. Andrew and I live in a lovely bungalow, right below the mountains, about 25 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles (without much traffic). Andrew is chef at mar’sel, a beautiful oceanside restaurant at Terranea Resort. Yes, if you are from here you know that is quite the drive, however Andrew doesn’t mind. Andrew and I work together to build a happy and healthy life filled with amazing food.

Erin Weber Vaughan’s Informal Resume

Worked as a personal chef with my own business, Erin’s Lunchbox, from 2010 to the end of 2014. Fortunate to have cooked for some awesome and amazing clients. 

In 2012, I became a certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Doctor’s 200-hour yoga training at Loyola Marymount University.

I taught indoor cycling and Yoga for Athletes, at YAS Fitness Centers, on and off from 2011-2015.

Throughout my entire life I have often worked in restaurants; my resume begin’s at age 15 at a pizza joint called The Alibi, in Troy, MI. The following list is (highly) abridged:

Started bartending at the Traverse Theater, in Edinburgh, Scotland around age 19.

I opened PBR’s at Small’s, a rather rocknroll little spot in Hamtramk, MI, years later

I managed an insane sushi bar/electronic music nightclub in Detroit for a very blurry period of my early twenties.

After moving to LA, I worked with the incredible chef Walter Manske and his pastry-goddess wife Marge, at Church and State Bistro in the downtown Arts District. There I met my wine mentor Sarah Clarke.

2010: Completed the Court of Master’s Sommelier Introductory Course at this time. Also joined the American Cheese Society and attended their annual conference.

My restaurant journey continues up to most recently, as a server and bartender at Osteria Mozza on Melrose and Highland, working for celebrities Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich.

Routine Vs. Resistance

With the proper routine, I have been able to dramatically improve my quality of life. Taking active steps to feel good helps me to manage my anxious and high strung side. Yoga keeps the blues at bay. What I have experienced is that when passively living: just kinda doing whatever, all the time, drama is always around. I cultivate positive habits work to crowd out my old habits, and for someone like me, who has a bit of a wild side, routine helps me keep the wheels on.

Untapped Potential Surrounds Us

I believe we can access the untapped potential for healing, growth and abundance that surrounds all of us. I work with people to heal their bodies through strength building exercise and the consumption of traditional foods. A physical practice and consumption of traditional foods are two incredibly powerful habits that can instantly soften a crappy mood, soothe a stressed out spirit and nourish a bone-tired body.

Why Work With Me?

My clients hone the skills needed to maintain a  positive attitude in the face of the dramas of modern life through personal and specific modifications to their routines. I teach the how-to’s of positive habits such as yoga, strength building, real food cooking techniques and sustainable life administration (another way to say handling your life business).

Traditional Food Coaching

I’m super passionate about the hows and whys of traditional foods like bone broth, fermented foods and nutrient dense foods like sprouted grains and sourdoughs.  Menu planning, culinary technique, grocery shopping skills and food preparation skills are some of skills I teach through tutorials, coaching sessions and guides.

Life Admin

Life administration (admin for short), is a term I use for the business of life. The details, logistics, situations and responsibilities unique to all of us. Life admin needs to be handled. I love to sing the praises of the admin style journaling I learned as a young wanna-b actress in LA and I am a big fan of writing things down. Journaling, lists, goals. Getting practical about how to administer my life has helped me turn goals some big goals into wins. Journaling can be an empowering way to admin your life.

The Journey is Important

I have been amazed in the healing, growth and energy that simple adjustments to my own routine (hint, more soup, sleep and positivity) has offered. Sharing what I have learned in my journey as a personal chef, fitness instructor and big-time food nerd through my wins and fails, I work to offer support, inspiration and trouble shooting when my clients are looking to make big changes. My experiences offers me perspective and a firm belief that the journey is as important as the destination.

Power of Positive Change

It takes me some effort to thrive in today’s stressful and increasingly toxic environment. Being healthy and happy takes some work on my part, but it is so worth the effort. I believe in the power of positive change. For me and for you, too.